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Morning Poem #31: Remember that Song


When you asked about that song we both liked, I immediately knew what you meant, though I had our location slightly off and I don’t remember the song. But I’m happy just remembering that moment.

Henry Molaison had no ability to retain new memories, and I wonder if that meant he enjoyed new music, or if he could never get into it.

It’s also fascinating how we edit memory, and how we use that to deal with stressful situations. I wonder if it’s possible for us to replace the actual song with another and both believe it to be the one we heard.

It’s weird too how music affects the motor cortex, like muscle memory, and I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t try to physically act out the scene when we heard the song.

Of course, I’m sure it would help to hear the song again, or even have a note or two.

Or we can give up and listen to some Christmas songs. And thank our parents for being so nostalgic.

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